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Studio Policy:

Students Responsiblities


Students are responsible for practicing their assignment, prepare them for next lesson, and also students must remember to bring all of the materials and scores which will be used in lesson time. Remember, talent alone is not enough for success. Disciplined, relentless work with your talent together will take you far.


Parents can obverse the lesson only if your children  are too young to remember, or too young to write what teacher said in lesson. In this case, parents are responsible to write down the notes, and remind students when they practice at home alone, also parents are responsible to urge students practice at home.   


Parents are also responsible to purchase text books or equipment that teacher recommend to buy to help students to advance, such as metronome, and some scores, and well-tuned piano.


Guidelines to facilitate effective practicing:



  • Make sure practice for a certain amount of time everyday.

  • Give practice time the same priority as homework.

  • When practicing, avoid distraction such as television, video game, phones, visitors, pets. 



Proper Grooming and Proper Studio Use:


  • Keep fingernails short, as long nails impede good hand position.

  • Keep hands clean, clean hands before the piano lesson is recommended.

  • Remember to remove wet boots/shoes at the door.

  • Take care of every facilities in studio, such as piano, computer, desk and so on.

  •  Be quite in studio, make sure will not disturb other student' lesson.




Teacher's Responsibilities:


Teacher is promised to be on time and prepared, professional, and ready to help your child succeed in piano.











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